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a happy one, even though some of the conditions considered
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joint, and thorough constitutional treatment. Joint
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4. Cavernous Voice or Pectoriloquy. When the vocal vibra-
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able the bowel and the more freely it is brought down, the less tension
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may be evacuated, and the eyeballs rotated in all directions ; respiration
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was slight in two, considerable in two, and profuse iu
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the production of secondary symptoms in .some cases treated
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in paroxysms, the action at other times being regular ; the paroxysms occur-
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commissural fibres be destroyed by sclerosis, we obtain ill-
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and the nurses have made 5.406 visits. The receipts
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protracted pain in the chest and a teasing dry cough. The pulse, under
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found in the blood and urine. Necropsy revealed a large tumor,
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A very interesting point in Schliller*s experiments we wish to mention
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heathen, and a speedy gathering together of the nations, in a
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cleaned, care being taken not to disturb the delicate
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functional change, or lesion of structure, and the quality of the
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employed in this country, and especially in the Middlesex Hospital by Drs.
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April 6th. After a visit of a few days to his home he resumed his
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that alcoholism bears no special relationship to tuberculosis :
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a Quoted by the author in 1894. Com. Report on Light as a
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afforded by the forceps. Dr. Chrisman was siunmoned
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theories. The concluding passage, and with it, we hope, an
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International Clinics. Edited by John M. Keating, M.D.,
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ence of an ectopic gestation. In the discussion of the paper, Dr. L. A. Potter
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treatment without relief. On March 20, 1874, at 3.30 P. M., assisted by Dr.
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forage is sometimes scarce ; the men are careless, intemperate or
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trationĀ» and as soon as we have accumulated enough wealth to do away with