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cavity of the mediastinum, and of the great vessels which are
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the optic disc shows swelling and hyperaemia ; but the changes in the
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numerous examples of the affection thus briefly sketched. I have made
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treatment it remains unabated at the end of fourteen days, then removal should
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results, it must be admitted that it is somewhat difficult to
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Solly, who classes delirium tremens among "anaamic affections of the
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quickly and always kills. Pylorcctomy is attended by a high
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Tizzoni's antitoxin were now given hypodermically, the necessary punctures
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should be chiefly considered. The first is that the muscular
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The third case was that of a young clergyman in the south of Ireland,
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in the professions of divinity, medicine, law, and the natural sciences,
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varicose vein that he had first noticed in 1890 and that had caused
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involuntarily relaxing in the manner already described as so characteristic
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ture as it exists. There should be no attempt to re-
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fourthly, that the mass felt to the left and above the uterus was
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17. It is hereby understood and agreed that the following unhealthful condition,-
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of fistulous opening between the sigmoid flexure of the colon
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mains, freedom of thought develope, new elements of improvement, and the common?
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creased in severity up to October 8th, when Dr. Starr
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exhausted in flowing thus unceasingly into the heart, and why
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practitioner should devote more time to the local treat-
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How then? Simpleton ! Their Governors had fallen-out, and,
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intellectual faculties, of the moral sentiments, of the animal
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Hospital has skilfully worked out the mechanical prob-
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treatment it remains unabated at the end of fourteen days, then removal should
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anisms, are "blocked" or "physiologically amputated."
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the senses, for that too, our every-day experience tells us, is
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deal of explanatory text and valuable data ; a summary of the princi-