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He still had large, granulating tuberculous sinuses.

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the shoulder-joint appeared to be but little interfered with.

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to control the pulsation of the tumour ; he bore the compres-

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withdrawn, as well as the silver stiletto, and a quart

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tis, and the amyloid degeneration. In the first lectures we have

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neurofibrils are lost, in others varying amounts up to about one fourth remain 17

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Classification.-The various species of the genus Trypanosoma ^re

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glands of the neck. The cutaneous affections which have

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apparatus. The ventilation is maintained by means of a large mercu-

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which could not have existed as such during life. Of this the

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2-184. The mortality is thus lower than the average by

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of every Hospital. We are sorry to speak thus disparagingly

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sons, especially if there be a sudden change from cold to

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side behind. As I am only dealing with the persistent

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neoplastic connective tissue, the more difficult menstruation becomes

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are excluded from Table II for reasons hereinafter stated. {See p. 321.)

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3. Change in the position or form of some of the organs or

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The mild intermittent malarial infections, such as the tertian and

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obviously difficult to meet. The experiments now reported have

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tenth and twentieth years, 6 cases; between the twentieth

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stomach occnpies nearly the whole of the anterior part of the abdomen,

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hour and forty minutes there were slight involuntary contrac-

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dispensary staff, or at least in the van of those who support

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Diet. — If the bowels are thoroughly attended to, many cases require no

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gata, pons Varolii, cerebrum and cerebellum. The sclerotic islands in the

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cord, I believe that the muscles of the hands are affected before those of

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Diabetes of Tubercular Origin.— Dr. M. Allen Starr

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