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softening, and gray hepatization of entire left lung, and of upper lobe of right lung; golden

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sodium chloride (0-85 %) , in most cases the ether-extracted material was

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the presence of the same parasite. The scope of usefulness

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vulsions in some epileptics, there occur attacks of delirium or hallu-

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brain. Four centres are especially concemed in the use

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from their unmistakeable nature they give something of a positiveness to our

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in tablets, each containing '_. gm. (gr. viiss.) of the

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upon a married lady from Louisiana, for atresia vaginae of the upper

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Dr. Maats is inclined to think that the cases described by

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Saint John the Divine, the trustees of Columbia Col-

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could produce effects in the subject that were alto-

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edges of the cornea. The epithelium and [lapillie of the

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tlieir niedico-leoal aspect. Transl., with the per-

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hand the milks of most of these species show a reasonable similarity

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are all the more obscure, since the anaemia of the brain may be accom-

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And now I must stop. I fear, as it is. I have talked too long.

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symptoms accompanying the inflammation have altered from an inflam-

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to 102-8'', and the pulse to 132, and respiration to 40. Then

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fession generally. Many practitioners who do not see

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been fixed with any degree of precision ; but, as in the case of incised

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shape, but retains otherwise the general characteristics just de-

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to me from Virginia with the history that she had noticed an enlarge-

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physicians of different wards or regions to compare these data,

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We will close our review of this work by a description of the method of

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in the female, and filiform, with a smooth rounded cuticle and a rounded

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ly dilated to allow the introduction of the hand ? I pass by the

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furnish one of the most signal instances of the pur-