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could only be continued for a few minutes. Towards the after-

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there is a transient leukocytosis during the pyretic attack; and, secondly,

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pathological changes occurring in the oesophagus, and the

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upon guinea-pigs, and the cultures emi)loyed were but

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catch holds the grip of the forceps. Sterilize by boiling.

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An ovarian tumor with twisted pedicle may be confound-

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tracture is added to and intensifies at its very onset the active contrac-

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the plan which I suggest would of course have to be care-

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19, 1783, and would consequently have been one hundred

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from the many favorable press notices that have been received :

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and Hunter to surgery, and each was to be allowed sufficient

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Hirsh reports that of 391 fatal cases, 359 were under 15 years. Niemeyer found

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rhage, excepting a mild attack of purpura in 1899, when he wa^^

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to join new clinic now being organized in central Iowa

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not lost a single eye, and only seven oLded with imperfect

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l)articularly characteristic of an epileptic attack. The

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best to serve the purpose, at a cost of but 35 cents.

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invariably to more or less destruction of lung-tissue if the patient survived long

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much less fresh tissue antigen can be employed than of one attenu-

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We have more definite diagnostic measures for it than

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urine was collected, in the next two pints, and thenceforward

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Banting {Brit. Med. dour., 1923, 2, 446) gave the opening address, in

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generally observed in fatal cases of typhoid fever, is unquestionably observed

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Uses External. — Digitalis is occasionally employed as a