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dication is to calm it by hydrotherapy with heat (see article Lichen
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part of the tract. In two instances the intestine was nearly filled with
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There are several very different affections classed together under
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denominated the Sanitary League Avas formed and popular lectures
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diagnosis from signs and symptoms, humoristic Patho-
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tion of the founding of Saint Elizabeths, I observed,
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with a wasting of the muscles of the thigh and of the
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together with the subsequent history, in most cases will enable you
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the deepest poverty to the greatest celebrity. First a
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stract of 1902 bl <Arch. f. Schiffs- u. Tropen-Hvg., Leipz., v. 6 (2), Feb., pp.
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eyebrows; a pleasing, attractive face, uniting goodness,
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had got Cholera and should die ; and he did die, although there was
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almost self-evident, when we realize how marked a difference in
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Mr. Lockwood in this work tabulates many facts chiefly
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standing the simplicity of his own theory, and the beneficial effects
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the wires, from their stiffness, had the advantage of keep-
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the South admitted, Virginia and Kentucky being the other States al-
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audible and palpable friction rub may sometimes be recognized ; jaundice
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through the cavernous sinus, it seems to me exceedingly doubtful whether
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thirty-five years of age, in marked contrast as to age
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table. 5. Morphia and its solutions have a bitter taste. 6. The salts of
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streptococcus appear to be fatal in leukgemic patients.
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when expectorating such sputum depends upon the presence of biliary
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seldom perfectly round; its outline is irregular, approaching sometimes
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Pills, &c. The following are a few additional formulae : —
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When smaller fibrinous particles are detached and carried by the circula-
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use of the fornix to consist in supporting the hemispheres. The peculiar doctrines of Willis
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these opinions ; and Eeichenbach and Heymann ^ later determined that
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crackling. On March 2d the swelling had further diminished and the pain
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many other instances, that a person infected by this atmosphere
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from any given case, because the clinical pictures of the disease they excite are so
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E — ^With Affections of the Abdomen, including the Dia-
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