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and calomel would, of course, be fatal ; but this kind of practice is now

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teacher. The final examination of the students should include

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Treated with quinin — Attacks. Deaths. Mortality.

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leads to suicide. It occure especially after protracted sprees. The atfec-

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acquired a high reputation among his countrymen, which has descend-

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multitude of sins of both sexes. It caused the admission of 8

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in the other tables in which it occurs it is taken by itself on its own

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than would be the case with the average able-bodied nonflier, or, in

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examples hold out very encouraging results ; but as this ques-

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in their conditions for the purposes of control, as follows :

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of London at the period of the two great men we have been dis-

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only from nitrate of potassa, but also several times from tlie carbonate of

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sitting awkwardly on the edge of a chair by the side

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chloride of silver, is insoluble in nitric acid. Also for hydro-

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"Nature," says he, or at least one of his immediate followers

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cavity of the pelvis, and is not less illustrative of the life-

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of conception could be found ; not a single chorionic villus. The

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tious swine diseases by Th. Smith, Welch and Clement.

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the neurotic who, feeling himself to be incomplete, acts

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that so far proof is lacking of the value of antitoxin in the treatment

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child from purpura hemorrhagica following recovery from

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a prey to a fever which nothing could remove. It is said

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pain in and about the ankle-joint Avhen he put his Aveight upon the limb.

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