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promptly prohibit exportation of all kinds of live animals to whatever

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absent in this particular medium. And again, the same stool specimen

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like rash appeared. Temperature, morning, 101.8°; evening, 131°. The ulcer

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resolution to the effect that the action in the resolution

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as it can, from the King, will probably subscribe with

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speaker and vice speaker of the House of Delegates.

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Fever. — The prevalent character of the febrile diseases

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He thought Dr. Girdner had had better results from a galvanic

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cure being attained by perseverance in the use of the remedy ; and

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127 autopsies, perforations were found 106 times in the end of the ileum,

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more nervous. It is important, then, to increase their nutrition,

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prevention and claims programs such as Aetna was proposing. Premium schedules were not

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Nasal Cough in Tuberculosis. — L. Revillet sums up the

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tion. Of this foiin of congestion strangulation is the type.

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aerobic organisms. These anaerobes are the principal agents of

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(hlnriilic ill lyjM-, llic hcmofrlobin In'inn <lecide<ny deficient; but when theieiR

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with good effects. ^^ I have freely used," says Dr. Knight, in his work

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except the germs are, first, in the digestive organs of a

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geal hemorrhage and cerebral hyperfemia do not, as a rule, give rise to hemi-

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out seeing that it was written for a very different purpose than

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tive of such monsters, and of the mode of their formation. Dr.

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period the most important symptoms to be combatted are :

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annual tax of $17.00 — and if that tax be not paid there is not much ado about crossing them

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not used these reduced percentages, although in many instances it

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Ed.D. Sponsored by AHEC Fort Smith. Medical Library,

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Fetal blood sampling was not done at UCSF during the

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women, and children, bird, beast, and reptile from the face of the earth

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that had previously been ulcerated or partially destroyed by some phage-

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functions may be innervated through the same anterior root (Forgue

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The Distribution of the Diphtheria Bacillus and the Bacillus of Hoff-

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called marasmus, which is but another name for gradual starvation.

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distended from fluid collected in the peritoneum and the scrotum ; the

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to keep increased calcium in solution .... a prophy-

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