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length of the affected vein, and that any operation which would accom-

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gress of mankind in this development, or, at least, for the per-

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side and amblyopia in the right eye. It was expressly

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merely for purpose of illustration, show that the red

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teaching would be declared modern if he lived today. He forbade

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examinations shall be held as occasion may arise. 10.

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a most remarkable collection of precious illuminated manuscripts.

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in so-called malignant cases with wonderful results; it has been used in

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FfTiN, aged 13 years, presented herself Jan. 20, 1877,

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has been asserted that it takes place only where there

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Other symptoms occasionally seen are vomiting and purging which may

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doubt, to be a catarrhal inflammation of the skin, prob-

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of bacteria that on culture yielded Hemophilus influenzae

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vered thoroughly well by the application | New Operation for the Radical Cure of

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between the process of menstruation and the central nervous system.

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vigoiating effect already referred to, which must redound

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Lossen, H. (in Volt's laboratory) : Beinerkungen zu der -\b-

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Gregory's Hand Books of Chemistry, Inorganic, and Organic. American Edition.

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Other interesting articles are: "The Oubliette," by

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" SS. Jerome, Christopher, and Augustine" in a beautiful mountain land-

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the effects in question are due, not to current dir-

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FisAL M.B..C.M. ExAMixATiON AT Edixbuhoh L^kiver-sity. — The special examina-

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nothing but a little cough remains behind, the following mixture

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of (not medical men) men of no great intelligence, and

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