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he might have caught cold three days before, while out on the

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born "per vias naturales,"' Cesarean section was ad-

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is one which will come into universal use. The technical difficulties

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these phenomena depend on the hepatic lesion which so commonly goes

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Transplantation and with Special Reference to Amyloid-like Changes Occur-

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June 1893. — 58. Samt. Archiv f Psychiatrie, Bd. v. p. 209. — 59. Schafer. Phil.

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on the formation and functions of the leukocytes and

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child to me, and had never consulted a physician in regard to it. The

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The name is given on account of the discharge, which is profuse

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It is notorious that in almost all instances in which

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Benda and Stadelmann reported a case with glycosuria. Sugar in the

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a view to test the susceptibility and render the security as complete as

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blow approaches the solid organ, the duller the note, until at the point

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mated is by finding out the dose of diphtheritic poison which will kill a

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a minute crystal on an anvil with a hammer, or by rubbing it with a pestle

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■continued cloudy weather, but to be reduced to half,

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in Canada, in 1847: enemata, blisters, hyoscyamus, calomel, tartar

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which she supposed to be a return of the menstrual flow. Upon

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that posture. This fact and the lacerated condition

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apparently dead-born children for a longer time than we are in

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larly affected. It is undoubtedly an important affection. The functions of

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The main burden, however, of Dr. Cotting's address is " the self-lim-

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at the base of the gland. In young persons they generally vary in num-

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Dr. Edward E. Blaauw has been appointed editor of Dutch

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Is there anything actually present in the body to be dissolved

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ol" the tiiberosities themselves Avas complete. Mr. Smith remarked,

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mountain ridges from the Adirondacks to Asheville and

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neously observed that prolonged exposure to the x-rays results in

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water and groundwater in the project area and the likely

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by the presence of the catheter in the bladder; and it

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was threatened directly over the head of the humerus.

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however, oidy on the outskirts of this field of inquiry, they