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or indeed to any circumstances connected with the individual. It could

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tlie so-called functional, transient or physiological albuminuria.

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leading to the conclusion that a premature separation had occurred in

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* _ _ ■! I I I I ■ t il ■ I I I ' . , I . I 1 I ■ I

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a feeling of oppression at the chest, giddiness with extreme faintness : the

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tary privy to be built at each rural home under the supervision of the

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manifestation had had time to become developed. The darkened

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observed among the lower classes. At Edinburgh Bennett

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cers being appointed ; Brothers Clement Godson, M. D., P. G. D.

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well, and without advice took sixteen grains of calomel in the evening.

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after the operation he was seized with chill, followed by fever

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rapid transit facilities, to guard Europe from the in-

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because the larger omentum is normally fastened to the stomach. When

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is the result chiefly of muscular weakness, is curvature of the spine ; an

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in the neighbourhood of the lesion may render the fibres unduly sensitive,

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fecal tumors to disappear. Mild purgatives may be required for some time

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the first manifestations of the symptoms or even from the very

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there is one and the same efficacy in the wort, and

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whitish-yellow color, and remains thickened. The surface of

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123. BiGi, Prok. E.— The Second Pyloric Resection in

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Dr. William 8. Cooped was born July 11, 1819, at Stane, a village

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bloated ; the eyelids are puffy and congested : the nose is flattened and the

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insists also, with justice, on the influence of weakening of the circulation by the

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prison-ships in Plymouth harbour. There was no typhus in Plymouth,

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work on this rich field to work out the connection between

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bone is not formed. Bone already formed is well calcified, and

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tinental wars, soon to become almost continuous, communication

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material for the study of their mode of action. He puts forward, however, cer-

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from forcing the tube through a false passage. Neither

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