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duty as Post Surgeon, Fort Sidney, Nebraska. Par. 8, S. 0.
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tightly over the teeth, and a belly distended to the last de-
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enlargement of the spleen, which is sensitive to pressure. The patient's
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if only it be energetically and persistently preached to them.
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months, until slie sank and finally died from tubercular disease
affection. I shall describe first the common typhoid form.
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"As to the phenomena exhibited in the reproductive functions, the
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neck from a man, aged fifty eight ; the tumor had been
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tending about two inches upward from the border of the
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he was charitable, because he saw always with a deep-seeing eye and
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eased piece can never escape. It is incurable except
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One reason why, says Prof. Roberts Austin of the Royal Mint
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hemoptyses during the years 1902. 1906. 1907 and 1908. had
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Placement Service, 160 St. Ronan Street, New Haven, CT 06511 (203) 865-0587 or fax to (203) 865-4997. These
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caused by the presence of blood parasites in the red corpuscles. These
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Increased frequency of nursing increases the amount and
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on any part of the face; the bones of the face and skull are
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after birth. Many physicians make it a routine rule to use " Palpebrine " even if
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one-sixtieth and one-eightieth of a grain which are suitable doses-
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worse than useless. But happily it needs no gaudy, tinselled trap-
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first in paraffin-paper, and as a cover strong paper made
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fatality was attained in the week ending 6th May, after which
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ments (or changes of position) which are possible in all directions
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to make three separate medical divisions in the army one —
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This writer adds that the symptomatology of cardiac tumors offers
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tios of the deaths of males to those of females, during some of the
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Europeans rarely take the disease, if at all, until they have
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