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paraplegia. This gentleman, who, except that he was pallid,
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condition, but her looks were improved very materially;
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lon^ The tube should be placed in an oblique position, one inch in front of a
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from 12 to 20 oz., with ginger or any of the warm seeds. It is
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Elliston Joseph Morris (1862-1958) John H. Arnett 189
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mi.\ed with the autolyzcd blood. A very few and widely scattered stained
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An attack of vertigo may be momentary, or it may last an indef-
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wheels of life are lubricated by the oil of catalysis. In Dr.
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effects are produced by the fundamental elements of
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and opium given in doses of .015, four times a day, to be gradually in-
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absolute perfection of the eye as an optical instrument,
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is the nitrogenous. It is a tissue builder and does not
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as to its authenticity." We should not forget, however how very
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American Philosophical Society. Whitfield J. Bell, ph.d., Librarian
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have heard them executed. Oh ! Could an account be taken of the dreams of a
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was normal. The thyroid gland was healthy. The adrenals snowed
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existence of phthisis. An examination of the sputa is, therefore, desirable in all
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teration of the conjunctiva or the cornea, but with absolute
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Urological Association to be held at the Hotel William Penn, Pittsburgh, May 6-9, 1957.
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tient in one of the hospital ships for smallpox cases had
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and Siegle also report cases, which were treated with success.
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normal condition. No ache or pain should trouble any
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of placental surface. " Does any one believe/' asks our au-
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obstruction. Other symptoms may indicate the cause of the paralytic
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the nerve. Of course, in those cases in which there is an
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but, in conclusion, points out how the method which
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The distinction between rapid and acute tuberculosis has already been
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which was not usual in any infectious fever with which
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medically speaking, these technical points relative to ' live-birth,' to ' entire
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may meet his classes, prepare his work, and meet pupils for conference and
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quand have been conducting some further investigations
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Reprint requests to Suzanne D. Dixon, MD, UCSD Medical Center, H-664, 225 Dickinson St, San Diego, CA 92103.
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lobe, and the brain-tissue around this was much softened. The
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Manson found what he took to be eggs of some parasite m a case of
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entered the pomegranate, been accidentally swallowed
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that vehicle. The iodurets of antimony, of arsenic, of lime, of iron, of
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with Salol is of interest at the present time, seeing that we