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gradual extension of the symptoms. That the onset in myelitis may be

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of the same, the reparative material has in one displayed fibrous

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intendent of any county hospital upon written recom-

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opment. A fatty change occurs in the intima during the course of

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reasonable alternative interventions.^ As Macklin points

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Peognosis. — Favorable. It terminates spontaneously in a

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In the horse the process of digestion is only begun in

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23d. — No hyperphoria, exophoria 1° to 2°. Patient has had

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•On the Advisibllity and Efficacy of Surgical-Gynecological Treatment of Hys-

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made a small incision upon the tumour, about two inches above

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Pursuant to notice previously given. Delegates from the different sec-

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extent due to the insomnia. This is to be inferred from the fact that tke

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with Especial Reference to Immunization. E. O. Shakespeare,

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give needless offence, but am forced to say that, even on

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Easton, Pa., 1898, ix, 169-171. Also [Abstr.] : Penn. M. J.,

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gentry swaggered about in hussar jackets and pantaloons ornamented

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Baths. — Traugott { Wiener medicin. Presse, No. 33, p.

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A word about the treatmeni of funmcles. There is perhaps no

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retroverfion we have pointed out as one fource of embarrairment

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Medical Practice and Customs in Siam. By A. G. Ellis, M.D. . 231

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no paralysis of any ocular muscle. Both cases were evi-

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All kinds of malignant thyroid tumors occur more frequently in goitrous

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"Southern India," and the question involved is, " What is

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tion of the Terms Acute, Subacute, and Chronic — The Symptoms or Events inci-

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Carbohydrate diet, faint acid by acid phosphates, sometimes alkaline by

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Spinal cord, nomenclature of inflammatory affections of,

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observer, the cell-contents were transformed, under certain circumstances,

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entery in the lumbar region, have closed the abdomen

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developed all the symptoms of general peritonitis. At 9

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paper. Any credit, therefore, really belongs to him. At the

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