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In placi's where suitable rooms an* available, the difficulty

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but all first used such general treatment as seemed possi-

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rapidly, and the infant shows no gain in weight or a possible loss,

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between the arteries and veins; the arteries forming a curve, and

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ject by Penrose, of Philadelphia.' Kummel, still bolder,

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left kidney and ureter presented no particular changes, so

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ployed it now in about a dozen cases, and in no instance has

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The overall incidence of child abuse in this country

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to try the efficacy of a proper diet, with hygienic measures ; a

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For the syncope that may occur you should employ the usual

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that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Yield-

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The situation of the pain is not evidence of the seat of the morbid con-

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valves of the aorta were covered with excrescences to a de-

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and particles frequently shows only a mass of decomposing granular matter

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pleton, 1885, xix, 84-98. — Dorscy (G. V.) On the use

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uterus. She was unable to go about without great discomfort

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ca^-es muscular twitching* and cramps accompan} 7 the paroxysms or exa-

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how a murmur can be at once intra-ventricular and mitral, and yet not

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week ; flaxseed lemonade being freely used as a drink. After that,

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ance at San Diego B'ks, Cal. (S. 0. 19, Dept. Cal.,

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I will also appoint for the Finance Committee, Drs. Marks

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Base Balance; Hematologic Problems in Surgery; Thoracic Trauma and Pulmonary '

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sentiments to influence those of lesser attainments

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with gas gangrene and they may also be the starting-point of diffuse

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Taken in through the inspired air or by means of contaminated

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the county of Saratoga. A circular was issued by a meeting

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delivers upon a carrier which shoots into the cremating

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