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tebral disk. Arch. Surg., 40:433-443, (March) 1940.

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A man, aged sixty years, came to my clinic with a goitre which he

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a leather card having loops for the soft rubber catheter.

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medicines except for patients under their own care.

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Ofration^ at St. â– Bartholomew's, 1| p.m. ; Kin^s, 2 p.m. ; Charin^-crosa,

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and of what sort is best will depend upon the patient's strength, never allow it to

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In all probability all degrees of this abnormal fat distribution occur,

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proved to be one and a Iialf inches. All (he usual palliniive means were

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than many later authors in more enlightened times. See Part III. ch. ii.

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at intervals of three, six, nine, and twenty-four hours. A portion of unaerated

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the disease is of sudden or rapid onset the symptoms may be consid-

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of acetic acid which has been tinged a faint yellow by the addition of

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and the root also, in like manner, atchieveth the same,

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of the ether there is a feeling of coolness and ease, after

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tranverse incision should pass through or underneath the cen-

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of the arch was the seat in 72, and the aorta below the arch in 71 cases. 1

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4. Again, this wound is peculiarly inclined to an excessive formation of

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of oven, covered over except a central opening, over which the skull is

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and on the twenty-third day, at which date the temperature

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certain cure in traumatic tetanus. Its success in strychnia

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internal abdominal ring, which was left freely open. The

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was made of either lungs or throat, and the voice was never

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rate of flow increased to 5.6 c.c and 6 c.c. In this case the feeling

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year to help his father, who was also a physician, during the cholera epidemic of

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these are removed without further treatment, the condition called eczema

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and the delighted sketcher whistles up his little dog, and sports with him

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it is not generally requisite to employ mechanical restraint ; yet some-

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hereditary character of the conditions likely to produce the disease. This

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75 first year students will matriculate at Stritch.

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agreement as to what is and what is not a zymotic disease,

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eliminated in large part by the mucous surfaces, especially of the mouth

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in the stomach. It is absent in over 90 per cent, of stomach

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perhaps the first notice the people in the house receive of the acci-

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A Cass of Pyelonephritis., Complicated bt Adeno-Carcinoma

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