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• If you have practiced five years without a claim,

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Amylis Nitris (Amy! Nitrite). A clear, yellow liquid of a pecu-

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Another safeguard in the same direction is the fact that

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while, in the anaemic form, he imagines that the lack of blood in the

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It would be better to operate, even on the chance of finding

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to the problem, in view of the important part which this organ is

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reasonable explanation seems to be based on hydrostatic prin-

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way below, where some blood clot was protruding. Daily douches

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motion of public health, lies in the finding and proper handling of areas

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ence, so far as in his individual judgment they shall

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and lead to the development of spreading excoriations which presently get

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soon both the heart muscle and its contained ganglia are

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referred to oftenest as a remover of distempers of the

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causing draughts, and hence there is no truth in the common notion that

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ner ward of the city during the past year in point of health-

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still living, in good health, Kt. 59; she had two other

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(Henle's) of unusual width. As the muscle-fibres them-

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back. The trunk organs are independent, except for some

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Dislocation of the Cervical Vertebrae, followed by Mania and Death : Report of

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Berlin, in a case of cutaneous and internal hemorrhages. Perhaps the

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(See Scbizius (Melcbior) jim. [inl. s.]. Collegii the-

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and the method has for the present been abandoned. Auto-

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acids present which are represented in the structure of the protein

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is a good example of this on page 212 where the following occurs :

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two cases with full histological descriptions, while reports of doubtful cases

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Zeller,^ in his studies upon the influence of fat and carbohydrate

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of Liverpool, and used by Col. Sir Robert Jones and others (Fig. 7).

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oil. During this 'period my attention was directed to a legu-

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a matter of speedy adjustment. No- have it, effectually opposed by the large

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ble horses, the greater portion of which might have been saved had they

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To ascertain exactly what the lytic agent is in the alcohol

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for a cure by iirst intention,* but it need not be so strictly observed

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365 ; Stills, " Nat. Dispensatory," p. 1484 ; Waring, " Therap.," p.

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