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fectly safe and efficacious remedy — gravel, chronic inflammation of the kidneys, or bladder

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referred to above as a heat-abstracting medium often suffices

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choice. But in a large percentage of cases the growth is such that

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diathesis, chronic alcholism, middle life or varieties,

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mm. in maximum breadth, and is composed of 100 to 200 small segments.

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the Insane in 1901, that over 50% showed evidences of

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is instituted the paroxysms gradually subside. Chronic ma-

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min, .075 ; urea, 8.694. 26th to 27th, 25 ounces -|- (some

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'Havin^!"at his first visit to me, noticed a peculiarity in the

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obstinate inflammations, such as fistulas, boils, swellings of the

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convalescent from a six weeks' attack of typhoid fever.

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this was an epidemic of choleraic pernicious, for Dr. Ross' descrip-

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Lectures at Cambridge. — Dr. Bradburj-, tho Linacro

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These attributes assist the physician in deciding what

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disease (scarlet fever) in eleven years, or 338 per

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August 9th: The patient had a return of the paroxysms of opisthotonos last night,

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arise from special conditions in the cause or environment. As the varieties

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Coronary angiography for male donors over the age of 40 and

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however, and do not know definitely about the case now.

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but Petty had a genius for organization, and was himself a practical

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It used to be said that a brick kiln " must be kept burning over the Sabbath :" it is now

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systolic murmur can be heard at the pulmonic area. This may be due either to a

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that a plan in that style should be prepared for consideration.

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potassium iodide. Of more importance are anodyne remedies, the salicylates,

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of this provision. The ballots will be sent to each member

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which promises to be practically most useful, and consider sepa-

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affection of sensibility in any of its forms, muscular or otherwise. In a

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anemia. This indicates a toxic origin for all forms of per-

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convinced that there must be an obstruction to the exit of food frt)m