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T>MIC is the important pharmacodynamic parameter for

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to advise curettage. The sequel, to my mind, justifies

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examination of children, as well as those attendant

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She has since experienced two returns of the same disease, and

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and again reported that guinea-pigs sensitized with either hetero- or proto-

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As will be inferred from the history, the last case was

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I went down and, after killing the animal with prussic

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Dallas, Texas; and will likewise do as well for New Orleans and Pensa-

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straining, passing a small quantity of watery material,

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ples are to be found among cases reported by Bright, Alison, Graves,

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Essentinls of Pathology and Morbid Anatomy. By C. E. Armand

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rigid and patient's condition such as to allow a certain

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able merit in it. These cases always presented an accumulation

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In the fame manner we may, I prefume, reconcile the difi^er-

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names. Dumas finally discovered its true character, and gave it the

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tracheotomy should be performed. The same operation or

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fluid to be yellow and the later fractions pink. The }ellow tube

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this disease did not improve the conditition. If syphilis play any part,

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lacrimation, and congestion of the head. The temperature

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self as far as possible under protection from external injury ; never-

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sician feel the truth of the maxim, << knowledge is power.^*

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which at once forsook its lucrative practices in Lon-