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Dr R. S. Aitchison's well-known Medical Handbook (Charles

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be made of silver, speculum metal, or copper plated. A

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Although the use of exhausted serum in the treatment of infec-

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earliest possible date a public high school be established with

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tion inadmissible. In either case the approved treatment

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themselves to the defined areas supj^lied l\v certain cutaneous nerves,

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September 28th. — ^The knee was dressed. ITie silk sut-

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sickness among either inmates of county homes or prisoners. I find

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Physical examination showed extensive mucous rale in both

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internal sphincter. The pain on defecation was exceedingly

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teach us to be more conservative in our treatment of jaundice.

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Vomiting occurred frequently in one child, only once in Case

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Thorax. Lungs apparently healthy. Eight adherent to costal pleura by a

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nutrition or normal metabolism, the results are recorded in the urine,

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pains " which Carlyle offers as a substitute for genius.

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died nevertheless within thirty-six or forty-eight hours. And a boy was

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only slightly affected, or escape wholly, in hemiplegia, convulsive move-

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hand, chronic nasopharyngeal catarrh may become the /on« et

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is sunk is at a lower level than any part of the water table, the water

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called marasmus, which is but another name for gradual starvation.

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the rash very pale. Pulse 160. Bell. gt. ij. of 2d dil. (strength

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"■ 2. The action of this poison manifests itself in an alteration of the blood,

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antibodies, opsonins, agglutinins, bacteriolysins, precipitins, comple-

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Is, sickness at stomach, a tendency to vomit, combined with pain in some part of

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medical knowledge has to be acquired. Not that for a moment

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days, expressing no wish, when aroused, but to be let alone.

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Lecturer in the London School of Tropical Medicine ; Medical Adviser to the

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amount of purulent matter in the recto-vesical pouch. This

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Hospital statistics where in 125 autopsies the bronchial glands

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[uent inspection they get a better score in almost every instance.

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15 minutes, and the toxic effect (minimum toxic dose) was produced

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occupation — or, as it were, saturation — of the mind with it, is an essential

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