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only at certain seasons, such seasons being noted for
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same as gallinippers in America. The genus Culex was formed by
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can be distinctly felt below the ribs, the left lobe sweeping backwards and upwards,
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Surgeon and Pathologist to the Hospital Notre Dame de Lourdes,
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for the younger the patient the greater the liability. A strong family
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day, an important drug, especially at the end of the first week ; in the initial
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the boy for some time until this afternoon. He has a large cicatrix
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procesfi( would be more aptly called " suppuration of the cerebral trau-
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organizations, how much more potent and serious upon those whose
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The precise method of employing the drug necessitates
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hundred of the population, or one in every forty families. This means
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mained till next morning, when the column again started in tho di-
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Secondary H^emorri ^t. Thi- i- In ,„, mean. at. infrequent uar^
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morning and worked for two and a half hours at mechano-
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dissolved or suspended in it. In localities where typhoid fever is endemic,
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quinia," and this veiw of the nature of quinoidine seemed to be
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blindness when the lesion is in the angular gyrus of the left hemi-
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sistent with what will be presented under the head of causation. The
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step you hurried through busy and crowded streets, to ramble upon the
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cases of puerperal peritonitis and phlebitis, together with
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Fraserburgh ; stringent measures are being adopted to prevent
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matters; abdomen like a drum ; pulse only 100, but weak.
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In reference to the caiine of these growths, I know of nothing to oppose
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stronger forms of nourishment (scraped meat, etc.) may be given. After the
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duction of spasm of the ciliary muscles, and with this is associated an irrita-
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drowsy but rational until tonight when he has been sitting up in bed and
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Medical man so acting could of course have had no other
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surmised that there were some mysterious influences in
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Auto-Immune: In extremely rare instances, systemic lupus erythematosus has been reported.
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A Standard Mercury Column and a I'ull Length Millimeter
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attended with great dan ger to mother as well as child, and demand
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fFuUy half of this volume Is devoted to animal chemistry.