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such a manner as to dispose them to take on putrefaction.

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been ill, in all, four or five days. It is very rare even in the

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opening allows the acts of micturition and defsecation without dis-

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2. Cohen, Lucy, Ph.D., “The Mental Health Worker in

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upon the nature of the underlying malady (when the nephritis is

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M.D., D.P.H. London: Longmans, Green & Co. 1920.

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thesis. Other affections of the brain or lungs — namely, asthma, apo-

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valvular lesion of the heart as a primary affection. It is, you may say,

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marvellous will yet be discovered, that there may be and

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small bowel the digestive changes are rendered more complete

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pylorus is a justifiable procedure when the disease is

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called Report AA. This report says there ought to be an

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the mother's milk, if possible, or that which most nearly

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sition that the nervous system may sometimes be concerned in the

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Son & Co , Philadelphia, Pa. Price, Full Sheep, net, $10.00 ;

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be in a dry, somewhat elevated situation ; and quietude of

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be allowed to elapse before slaughtering, application must be

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Bozeman, Nathan G., 140 Madison Ave., New York, New York Co.

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This observation stands in striking contrast to the self-

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occurring in later life, only more frequently met with in the

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quite as young as in this case, where we all know that abortions are

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the Medical Council, may do as you like. I beg to call Dr.

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splints for three or four weeks, it is then necessary to

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relation of maldigestion to functional nervous diseases.

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