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which are not positively sound. It may be said, that numbers of

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Mr. Weightuan ; Dr. Odling ; Mr. H. R. Bell ; Dr. Wiltshire ; Mr.

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nosis : Laenneo, 1781-1826. Piony, 1794-1879.— Surgery : Delpecb,

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through the kidney tissue do not cause suppuration, but will heal just

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and physical signs which are hard to classify for pur-

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be — liquids which are in themselves injurious to the wounds,

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Thus two or three leeches applied over the part often eifect this object,

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Massage. The majority of patients are helped by general massage; that

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series of illustrations, previously rich and notable, has been increased by

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significantly reduced without causing any hardships.

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The Surgical Treatment of Laryngeal Cancer.— By J.

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toneal cavity, the placenta remaining in the tube, its development continuing.

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turbances of the brain are unknown; on the contrary, convulsions,

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marvellous revolution is but just dead, and the resolutions just

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those whom he made in his own image ? How can it be?

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When we consider the question of ultimate results in

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is not less worthy of condemnation than, the spirit which has more than

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caring and not a v^ue or professional caring. It can't

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The only danger to a patient strong enough to stand

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he presented some facts aud views concerning the first cranial

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shoulders, his chest and abdomen show a fine longi-

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On this, if the heart continue active, and the prime force of

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The patient being thoroughly etherized, I resorted to the taxis for a

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four days after treatment was commenced. Of all the modes of treat-

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showed signs of decrease. The face was the first to lose

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exaggerated denutrition of the nervous lecithin. It is well known that the

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treatment, on the principle that there is in most cases of hooping cough,

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Margarete Meta Kunde, Ph.D., M.D., Seymour Coman Fellow in Physiology.

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degeneration in.Miiller's fibers. As the patient was

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which there was a permanent cure of albuminuria in connection with

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aneurism syphilis is the primary and essential cause of the

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