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Washington, D. C, for special temporary duty. November 28.
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invertebrate hosts, as well as other points of more special interest (con-
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importance of the vegetative nervous system in relation to clinical
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birth to a fine, healthy boy, much to the surprise of their
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the long Iwnes and joints; chest, neck and head In-
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and in concise form the fundamental principles, the chief operations, and
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responding to the beats of heart; when exudation into heart sac
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post-mortem examination, March 23, 1S61.— Dr. W. M. Turubull, Russell-
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another — that which is usually denominated syphilitic. Here,
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coexistence of functional disorder of the heart, dependent on anaemia, with
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Pneumonia as a complica,tion of heat prostration occurred in 17 of
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blown into the throat. The diphtheria bacilli are thereby agglutinated
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vitbiil KH infecting range of patients, but that tbcy avoid thoeu ulia hi
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daytime, and not with those occurring during the night ; and in such cases
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the excretion of urea, a cnntributioii to the physiology of
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injections of morphin were reduced to one daily, and after the
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allowance is jilain English, and that was guaranteed on the transfer.
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to impress on the public, and especially on the un-
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apparently due to the retention of inflammatory materials by
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been considered sufficiently, perhaps, and I will now offer
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to which we choose to attend. To see every thing at once,
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paracentral scotomata and detecting simulation of blindness,
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Ihe incubation period was, therefore, of only a very few
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aged corpsucles and gives fresh tone and new energy to the entire system.
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sternal tenderness. The spleen was palpable. He passed large quantities
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commencement of the urethra, and from the ramus of the pubes of one
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between the split vertebral spines, it may advantageously be laid
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dipped in cold water or in some weak astringent solution —
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cialty hospital via ambulance or possibly Air National
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of his cases the temperature did not exceed 102° F. Xine other cases
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treatment. Med. News, Phila., 1890.1vii, 278-281.— Ivaldi
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