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" Condiments, according to our author, though they may at first

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one of these oystecshell-like crusts, we find beneath it a foul, ukeiated

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oiviva voce discourses at one sitting, and debated at the next.

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"La tremblement gelatineux de la langue chez les alienes melancholiques," Ann.

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cceteris paribus, more debility, and the patients did not bear bleeding so

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whole range of natural history. It certainly sounds strangely

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Relations to Cytolysis and Antitoxin Production. — A. C.

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converted into the carbonate ; as a hydrate, by precipitating the

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close covered, was found concealed under her bed. It contained a prodigious quantitj of

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contagion ? Equally difficult will it be found to ex-

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verted so as ultimately to be driven through the os into the vagina some dis-

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eminence on (he distinction of individual merit. Since then we liMyehad

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and I know no limit to the age when true general jiaralysis may

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blood. The human trypanosome {T. gamhiense) was discovered

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right index-finger into the vagina for the purpose of re-

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noticed to have taken place in a girl after puberty.

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deem the spermatic animalculse necessary, and hold that the semen must be

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tular, and in a few days or hours dry crusts form and the

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cytosis is proportionate to the amount of exudate present; more

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prevalence of this affection, so much the more has i

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Cffl.Sci.iu net d Chi Cons ti actum vtccrmi pnaaedencc

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to this rule. A full surgical corps is greatly to be desired, and an effi-

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when he had to inject ether he would inject it into the sub-

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nation of the leg and stated that she was still running a fever.

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But another aspect of functional disorders of the liver is, that

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nated. One of the great sources of infection still re-

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They are unattended with pain, and very slow in their progress ; but after

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not to be expected but that extensive necrosis of their cells would be asso-

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(1) Local Causes. — Under this heading are to be included cases of optic

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be cautious and watch for other signs of disease addmg

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through the cavernous sinus, it seems to me exceedingly doubtful whether

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of voluntary action, but loss witii some disorder of

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have been glandular fever, mumps, or scarlet fever.

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aggravated form, as if the dose of the disease-inducing material