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Serum Treatment. — In 25 cases of peritonitis due to appendicitis,
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cated with a view to obviate the tendency to death.
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best means of knowing to be necessary for the maintenance of
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ures to produce what we can recognize and call true
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cortex of the portal gland, indicating a previous malarial infection. We cannot
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ture to suggest that a book of this nature is in no
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urement, during which both extremities must be placed in the
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"This exploratory incision would be followed by very
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3. The worst mistake of all, however, was the revival of the
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case one need only imagine a grotesque figure, the lower part of which
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cockroach ; E. ranorum Grassi in the ahmentary canal of Rana
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cover and conceal the heart. The thymus gland is sometimes of a pale fawn
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East Park Home for Infirm Children. — The forty-second
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which will evacuate bile; and when thus purged the fever
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insipidus, and from this point of view may be regarded as symptomatic
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ence to the particular morbid process to which each symptom belongs,
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road to science, and no popular one either. Those who wish to un-
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negro 30 years of age, who had recently been vaccinated.
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in which calculi are embedded. In old cases of this kind Hme salts are
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Above the profunda, eight cases : four cured (Solly,
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12. Wilkes. — Flexible Probe for Detecting Bullets.
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regarding pyaemia, and proved that an absorption of pus
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ent great debate as to where these years should in the main be
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that the throat was practically clean four days following the
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ly solid. This closely resembles the coagulation of albumen
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a boy once came to me whom Worcester, Massachusetts, physi-
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it was for the cure of that pain that he entered the
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monium produced during putrefaction. The sulphocyanate may be dissolved
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patologici dell' occhio e per svuotamenti ripetuti della
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leaving out the bread ; and no one who ate this would suspect himself
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account of the general development of the central nervous system and of
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tract, but nowhere else in tlie body. Tuberculous le-
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of attempting to feed a small infant without medical advice, and who
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lost the calcium salts, or the excess of calcium salts left the body. It was
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