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Elias Selinger, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology.
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the same as far as possible every day. Eight tests a day,
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Annual," 1896; 33 " Med. Press and Circ," July 22, 1896; 34 "journ.
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Ophth., N. T., 1898, xxvii, 616-625.— Oiiisberg. Ueber
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religion, such as it may be, is a matter of the greatest
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bundles are bound together again, but still distinct. They surround the shaded bundle in the
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3. — Thumim reports a typical case of cesarean section
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by the finger when possible. When delivery is at term a person ought
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speculum composed of firm strait wires, radiating from a centre,
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Anesthesia is not neeessarv. General anesthesia is decidedly
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their arguments on the advantage of lessening intracranial pressure.
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destitute of all comfort, close and foul and damp, carried to a comfort-
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to bring on corns; steady driving will also cause them; neglect
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or chill. I directed a little chicken broth and weak brandy and water, and left
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and irUiiivii of the Royal College of Surgeons see with regret
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Ueber Mesoderm-. Herz-, Gefass- und Blutbildung bei
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attribution of the characteristic properties of organized bodies to a peculiar ar-
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ral excitant of the muscles is nervous power, and they are exempt-
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bumin in the organism. If one-half of the resulting
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There is one point in regard to the ligation of the large vessels of
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convulsive attack, with unconsciousness, followed by
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acute peritonitis was found. In the upper part of the ileum a
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first time since the injury. From this time he continued to
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event. In old cases calcification of the diseased structure is frequent. The
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plague or cholera, are not natural to the fluid in which they are found ;
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The strength was supported by nourishing diet; bread and rice
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put and inferior maxillary bones above, generally causing
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kept in view in the treatment of true croup : to detach, remove, and
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Secretary — Dr. H. C. Reade, of Tipton ; Treasurer — Dr.
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wearied with foregoing. No state can be more favourable to the formation
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a pathological connection with that disease. Its pathological connection
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or tissue in the body which may not be attacked by this
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trying to lay down hard and fast rules as to kidney function arise from this
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sented, there are a number of cysts. These cysts contained the
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le cerveau avoit este blesse: Ne, de celuy qu'il vist guery en
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quired for practical and technical instruction. With regard to
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minates towards morning in a deluging escape of perspiration.
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utable to the antitoxin ; (8) pain and occasionally swelling
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suffered to pursue their entire course untouched. Mr. Marson