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interested is, I believe, the largest in Europe, affording
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Annual Meeting at Bay City, first week in June, 1886.
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nose. After recovering consciousness he continued mentally dull,
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stored, lne position on the back is carefully . . . . . , „ ,
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lowed by a decrease in the actiWty of the organs, from the slow
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formed by his own father. This unusual occurrence took place,
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find that in chronic interstitial nephritis the figures run from
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Supported by a Research Grant from the Graduate School of
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thorized to take the acknowledgments of deeds in this
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occlusion; localised convulsions, arising from the presence of a gumma, are
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Greek ideas. Our arts, our letters, our morals, our in-
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the need for comprehensive NPE and follow-up services.
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obvious physical signs may be passed over by good observers. It is
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Dr. Kemj), I trust the report of these two cases will
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which will evacuate bile; and when thus purged the fever
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the dangers inherent to the other methods, is compar-
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they studied the cases carefully they would find many in
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The nervous system is especially prone to react to the variolous infec-
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the manipulation. On the other hand, by the time the
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deposits of fibrin take place upon the surface. In the spaces between
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that falls within the reach of the senses, is the best and readiest
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forms of spinal lesions is very protracted, and they appear long after
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article owes its name as an anti-scrofiilous remedy. But if the patient
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from the children themselves, owing to the Italian concep-
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Of a tubo-ovarian pregnancy, we would require — (1) That the
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widow had given the association $5000 as an endowment fund.
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appetite, rather strengthens them, as it has also been stated by M. Bouillaud in
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he may require the aid of the surgeon's hand. This action of the hand
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Officer in charge, Capt. Harold S. Arnold, M. R, C.
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terms which imply unqualified acceptance of them on the part of the writer.
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loss of weight for the first 2 or 3 weeks after commencing the skim-milk
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ing almost imperceptible, gradually returning with the ap-
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Nature supplies us with two models of such a process. In
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operation, at whidi time she had gained seven pounds in weight.
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deutsch. Naturf. u. Aerzte 1890, "Wiesb., li!91, viii, 22-28.—
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Ordinary forms assumed in tuberculosis of the kidney (Fig. 3) 118
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my recent advantages and complete armamentarium, and
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man government, for reasons difllcult to explain, again vested the univer-
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which probably proceeded from ulceration ; and beneath the
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1889, xi, .529-534. Also : Tr. Detroit M. & Libr. Ass., 1890,
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liquor hydrargyri nitrid and cuprum aluminatum (lapis divinus).