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muscles. The exacerbations of distress from obstruction are due chiefly
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at all advise extirpation of the growth l)y external incision,
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Dr. Mark Blumenthal thought that a great change had taken place in the
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and bleeding often occur. Distension of the abdomen is not uncommon.
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prevention and treatment of auricular fibrillation being emphasized by
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not be irradiated every day ; only after an interval between irradiations is there
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It may be described as short, somewhat sharp, and unattended with any
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The membrane was about as thick as an ordinary blotting paper.
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similar friable tumor tissue was found. This vessel was
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the presence of which in the t)ocly is not a source of any trouble or danger, ought to
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pital for Ruptured and Crippled, New York City) without success.
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vestigations were directed to the origin of the fat which is
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A careful e.xamination of all the circumstances of this
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Kays, M. T., M.D., F.R.C.S., of the Bombay Army, at 66, Porch ester-ter-
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given relief as in cases of spinal irritation. Electricity has
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on t*'e charts which he has given r'' ;he cranium. It is alfo
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action of vomiting from tickling the fauces ; sneezing from a draught of cold
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The subject of cycling by women is also considered by Theilhaber,-
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of mean strength for the year, including both days sick in hospital
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When smaller fibrinous particles are detached and carried by the circula-
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advancement of and the welfare of nurses to the end that all people may
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to show that encephalitis may be, and often is, excited by the causal
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symptoms of obstruction at once got better, and shortly after-
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me. The principal symptoms were severe griping pains, constant vomiting,
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ferential practice, pure in itself, perpetual in its applicability, the