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Dilatation of the Anal Canal by Dilitable Rubber Bags," which
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marked dread of light, spasmodic closure of the lids, and
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was brought to hospital. He was extremely short of breath
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arthralgia, fever, rashes (all allergic reactions require
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debate. Sir R. Peel appealed to the hon. and gallant
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turned home, called Dr. Cabot, and died the next morn-
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Morbid anatomy. Obstruction of the ureter leads first of all to
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J. C. was 64 years of age, a robust man in a humble con-
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the CoUcge, and twenty-one were referred to their Professional
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toneum of Douglas' culdesac laterally and anteriorly. A
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• Archivio per le Scienze Mediche, xiv. , 1, 1890.
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scarcely ever tasting meat. Dr Allbutt too, alludes to insufficiency of food
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difficulty present to the mind of the patient. The patient finds it
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essential oils may thus be communicated to the body
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forms of spinal lesions is very protracted, and they appear long after
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nitely decided upon. Morse reports fifty-one cases, thirty-six of these
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The present discussion of the subject of rapid-transit in
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character of Dr. Toner's laboriously gathered treasure :
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preceded by a few words in r^ard to its prophylaxis.
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stimulate the micturition centre and so bring about expulsion of the bladder
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Although a previous study suggested that the occur-
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entirely free from lesion. The great point in favor of this view of the
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is unlikely to be effective unless there are signs of vaginal
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excised the knee-joint with, I believe, good results. Said to
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railway service, and you will find he will relieve the general manager of
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more to be deplored when we consider that the train of symptoms
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ous by cough or by the administration of small doses
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The capillaries and the veins of the retina were distended and filled