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with the variety I now wish to consider. Here is the sort of case I
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or at other times when the stomach is presumably empty, may bring away
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the kidneys act inefficiently, urea and other excretory constituents of the
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otherwise capable, had rendered themselves unfit for
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st the muscles of the upper extremities, and especially the flexors
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Biological Chemistry, College of Physicians and Surgeons,
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vessels and into the lung itself and there irritates the
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in forty-eight recurrences, a mortality rate considerably lower than
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dead is a clear proof that many are born living who might be pronounced
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several ulcers unite to form one. (4.) Elliptical ulcers are always
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mamelis Virginica." No discussion on this subject took
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children and young adults. He thought the explanation given by Dr.
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in advanced general cancerous infection, and where cancer has arisen
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It is true that the figures are few, but the agreement in numbers between
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dation for 25 or 50 families weekly, also an obstet-
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intercepted shock-impulses (nociceptors) from the operative field,
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their not being initiated by a sensation, and by their not being guided by the
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then in dry blankets, then heaped the feather bed and bed-
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yards to 2,538 yards. By means of a simple device at one ex-
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contain other substances besides salts of taurocholic acid that fail to come down in
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of such an aphasia developing under other circumstanoes, the clini-
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tli ncys and Ureter.-- Dr. Ernst W. Cushing, of Tuft's University, Boston,
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disease of all remedies known as evacuants, depletants, and antiphlogistics,
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pouce surnum6raire. M6d. mod., Par., 1897, viii, 212. —
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Carminzym is especially designed as a resource against acid, flatulent indi-
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china jam superare potui, quippe vegetam et genuinam penes me tum temporis
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have the power to compel the examination of any sus-
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early cases, apparently cured; eight second stage cases,
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to send a free trial sample of the full treatment to any physician who
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Cyanosis — Its Production and Effects — Timothy Takaro, Rochester
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hydrocephalus is sometimes limited to a portion of the ventricle, to the