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success, the more ultimate object of life, a quiet, peaceful and happy old age, can never be at-

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Now, in this particular case I had provided myself with one of Tren-

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of his life. In all their cases, the " palpitation," natur-

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erysipelas, the multinuclear cells in their turn increase in the blood

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1864, and the name of Pulvis cinnamomi compositus is sub-

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such as measles, scarlet fever, etc. , and advanced malignant disease we

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Academy of Pediatrics. Williamsburg Lodge and Confer-

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on itself so as to make a strip about 4 inches wide, it is. known as

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Perkins (J. J., M.D.), a case of progressive muscular atrophy

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Connecticut must soon fall into line in this regard or be relegated

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in, even by medical men themselves.) I immediately removed some

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disease has never received the attention it deserves, and that a

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of injury, we cannot but notice the imperfect character of his art.

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been subject to the attention of the animal dentist for the removal

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serum should be injected without delay and the patient put upon

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which diminish the surplus fat are of doubtful utility, since they are

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HerdsJclerose, Multilocular sclerosis, Pohjnesic sclerosis.

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skin tract. In every single instance he has met with, the utmost

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All were cases of direct violence and the displacement varied

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iron. The results of the treatment were almost immediate

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to those who have ctodied this maladyiir all its pbases in

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tube : and (3) with a critical examination of its value. Although

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Common Bottle Wax. 1. Dark rosin 18 oz., shell-lac 1 oz.,

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ular kidney may be of sudden onset; it is not necessarily preceded by any

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and everything as though his throat had never been damaged.

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operation of version, the uterus resisting the introduction of the

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140/90 is considered as stage 1 of hypertension, and 130/

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the pubes. In this position, the maximum amount of separation of the

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women and children, who are usually credited with drinking more milk

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tion was demonstrated by percussion while the subject still felt per-

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and fibrous tissues in other parts ; the term has also been applied to neu-

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waters of the great lakes and ponds, also in sea water. According to

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president of a casualty company dealing in health in-