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BucKNiLL, M. D. Lond., &c. &c. London : Longman & Co.

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in size on the left side. A thin band of healthy fibres lies

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be the sources of much toxemia. Special attention should be given

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Hospital; J. Bayldon, Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh; W.

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internal fibres are in their whole extent agents in inspiration,

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knife is fasteneel. and which runs at an acute angle

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the strongest testimony to the value of that now generally forgotten

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such theories as over-tilled venous sinuses, excessive amount

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means than the administration of serum. This probably is the proper attitude

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less of mistaken diagnosis in aneurism." You will possibly say that this is no

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among professional athletes this has been practically abandoned,

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1896, in an excellent article in the Archives of Pedia-

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or later, if it be protruded, especially if the patient

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tricle. The aortic valves were slightly thickened and stiff. The

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ftom one to twelve days, and in temperate climates almost invariably end-

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the heart, whieh still continned to be more or leas powerftil, as the artiflelal respiration was discontinued or renewed.

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inmates, may, perhaps, change his mind on still further in-

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dent, take then the worts juice, rub in water, give to

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preceding members in that it actively ferments dextrose, but is with-

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where they rupture through the peritoneal coat. I took the gut in this

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sible that these cases belong more to the variety which has recently

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position of the Kentucky State Medical Society among the State organiza-

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professional; I love them all. There is a negative, and

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afforded us of the extirpating power of vaccination. But we have had some

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anything like a regular outline of the treatment of fever ; in fact, I

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for our patient. And the proof advanced by Cormack and Simpson of Edin-

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She said her monthly period was due on that day. She

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six inches being seen with perfect distinctness. The nearest point

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selective depletion of passenger leukocytes in the allograft,

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society into graded coteries of self-constituted notables. A

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that some trophic influence seems necessary to account for it. This is

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to Dr. Joseph Benson Marvin, in his recent so-called contribution, 'A Bit of

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sisted by the mechanism described, what will be the result ? The prob-

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exudation continues for several days, and is, perhaps, most abundant

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running water; in garrison, it is usually from troughs, which should be

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some evidence that it has been serviceable m this affection. In angina pec-