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Spirometry has not proved of much value in diagnosis, as many

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-cries. Their diet remained the same as that of the control animals

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or vesical. The so-called " hsemo-albuminuria" probably belongs to

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of anaemia so profound that it was of the pernicious

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indeed, its prompt agency in removing present symptoms,

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The second part of this communication is on the Influence of

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After careful search it was found that the little finger

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tripod. This was made of galvanized iron with a wire mesh bottom

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be forewarned against catarrhs, gastritis, cancer, etc.,

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domen. At time of accident he suftered from shock and

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Tuberculosis of the spine, or Pott's disease. Mr. Pott

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the skin is now covered everywhere by marks of scratching. Bowels regular

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extensive reforms had been effected in the dwelling-houses

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and constricted. I was able to free the sigmoid from the

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Lancet, Lond.. 1885, i, 152.— Small (A. R.) Two cases of

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case of milk, a point might be reached, where the dilution

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and submucous tissues, with surrounding inflammation, and

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range, and it may last from a few hours to one or two days.

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of maggots of flies, and the accidental parasitism of dipterous larvce

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Dr. McLaughlin — Then the prosecutor gets his salary of $600 and $500.

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his residency in internal medicine at the University of Minnesota Affili-

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in the glomerular circulation which favours the passage of albumin (Stokvis).

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The general symptoms may seem to amend, and the local ones to

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ibe surface of the lungs. As far as could be estimated, by careful auscultation, percussion

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Last April he took, for an obstinate attack of constipation, very active

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and the Use of Salt Solution. By Edwin M. Cox, M. D. [Re-

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died in two or three days, from aspergillosis. The spores of the asper-

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may be better diagnosed by the tenderness remaining after the

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gradually increased in severity until she had to be put to bed; her

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Lord Chief Justice was clearly exculpatory of the defendant ;

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sition, muscular tension and weight are to a large extent de-

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which every one must have known was draining away the

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