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supervise all matters pertaining to the College building and its requirements.
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guage : " Officials of European municipalities, having
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cases, and as it is a late symptom, operation is contraindicated. The increas-
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Asthmatic Breathing. — Harsh breathing with a prolonged
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include n)any articles that would not ordinarily produce death; that
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bed, and had a morphine suppository passed into his rectum, and
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a risk in case of a refracture of the bone and loosening
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human fatigue and strength, of indolence and melancholy,
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involves the abolition of the gustatory sense in the opposite side of the
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difficulty, and without any loss of blood. The man died
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cists, or of physicians called in for consultation from
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A moderate amount of black coal-pigment is found in the lungs of all adults,
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aggravated, and delirium or coma, twitching of the tendons,
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Dr. J. 11. Barton, of Philadelphia, exhibited a, rcire splint to make ex-
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can make any old life insurance examination by mail, on the street, in
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practice of my profession, doing only office and consultation work, I feel
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a soft tumor, which increases in size, hardens in the course of
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being very small, and the masticatory organs are absent. Bidder says
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Grlycerinated virus consists of vaccine pulp treated with 60 per cent,
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dous personal costs on our families and significant
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peritonitis, as the abdomen became very painful and board-like. I
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ample, and regulating ordinances were gradually estab-
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with the essential unity of medical spirit and customs in
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8. — Dearden concludes that there is sufficient presump-
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endured. Water, soap, and brush, 3 to 5 per cent, car-
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fever ; and on the mask leaving the face there was no pitting or suppu-
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general clonicotonic convulsions of variable duration, followed by
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geon is apt to consider the internist extreme, and for this reason
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which was almost precisely the same as that of the 517 cases comprised in Dr. Upham's
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was the essential feature of this type of goiter (Fig. 2).
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the duration of the second stage would be decidedly decreased.