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Camphorated — Salophen — Scorbutus, Infantile —

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especially liable to it. Any depressing influences which unfavorably

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for wmter, because of the high means of all the moisture indicating

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especially the thorax, should be kept warm, lest, becoming

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That an abdominal type of influenza exists has long been

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at times, here and there, we encounter transitions from the one to the other

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associated with vomiting and tinnitus. It occurs in consequence of

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costal cartilages, or above the sternum, but the pus may cause erosion of

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state which renders ansesthesia dangerous and speed most

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author found 10 recoveries in 11 operations. Taking

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benefit. Her condition remains more or less in statu quo.*

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In place of reckless and sweeping statements regarding

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of all infected clothing, bedding, etc. Sanitary authorities have

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the pulmonary artery, and the tricuspid and semilunar valves, appeared to be normal in

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(Richard Neale, M.D.).— Thelen on Nephro-lithotomy in a

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little difficulty, and I think that surgeons agree that in very

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product of the milk gland. Further than in the milk

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treated by either opium or some of its constituents. He found codeia

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sufRciently common, but are of no practical importance. The mucous mem-

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a striking feature, as is also the thickening of the walls of the vessels

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the anticipated distress among the poor called forth early in

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teristics of several stages concurrently. Sometimes, however, sick-

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case was the diagnosis made before operation. The cause

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became pregnant again and was sent to me. The only way out was dilata-

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The application of heat may be made by means of warm blankets or

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at least ten minutes to allow the platelets to settle before counting. ED.]

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the pain entirely gone, and all the unfavorable symptoms decidedly improved ; in

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The rate of rise of the part BC increases, when small quanti-

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during this period, hot and stimulating applications were made to the general

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satisfactory. While it has been systematic, the individuality of the

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would be very common ; but, in fact, they are very uncommon. The cir-

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Sudamen. — This consists of an eruption of minute vesicles

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parietal therefore, in O.L.A. cases, is dep^ressed at the sagittal

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