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terem Lappen. St. Petersb. med. Wclinschr., 1886, n. F.,

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to learn, in this State (Ohio). The first one was per-

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paroxysms are less dangerous to respiration. The case is still more

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declaiming against the horrors of vivisection. She went on

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saline ; soluble in water, not in strong alcohol ; melts and decom-

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limbs. Cutaneous sensibility was normal so far as could

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tient with delirium tremens, for example, will get out

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anatomic conditions. Animals with short intestines rarely suffer from

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look of great prostration ; pulse full and weak, and very com-

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mology at the Denver meeting of the American Medical Association,

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FIG. 1. Age range between hospitalized and private patients. There is a

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this is fixed or variable. According to the testimony of experienced accou-

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fold appears near the posterior superior edge of the meatus : if the

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would have to generate additional revenue of more than $33,000 to recover

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society in Edinburgh was greatly agitated by this subject. Fashionable

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retention of a catheter after the reduction of the retroverted organ was not

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The tumor, after all the cysts of any size had been

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crenated cells observed in the fresh specimen. Microscopic-

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reflexes in the lower extremities, seen in not a few

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in the abstraction of blood in this disease, we have hitherto found

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per cent. The cause must of course be taken into consideration, as this

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Znacheme dezinfektsii" pri likhoradochnikh bolieznyakh.

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accompanied by a distinct click heard (1 felt) by the patient but not by the

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Farmyard manures, including the dung of all farm animals

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being impressed by what strongly arrests their attention, in such a wa\

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others (using inert preparation.s) have failed to obtain

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fullest extent. Sometimes from irregular distribution of the

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the mucous membranes of the upper air-passages — in fact,

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fall on dry soil, they are harmless ; if on wet soil, the

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glasses. The former variety is sometimes called Ameri-

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and I have found that if you will exhibit alcohol be-

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crete bile ; consequently, no bile-acids being formed,

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past four years he had noticed some difficulty in uri-

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directly, but to become impeded, from the obstruction of the cir-

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