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strokes, over the nerves which were the seat of pain. They

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and thus give the combined picture of acromegaly with ocular symptoms.

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The present discussion of the subject of rapid-transit in

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AUo: Rec. dophth.. Par , 1887, 3. s., ix, 663-670. — — .

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a. In testing the preparation of assigned lessons by questioning, con-

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first seemed, they laid their plans for the exposure of the trickery ; and on the

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with the essential unity of medical spirit and customs in

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peritonitis, as the abdomen became very painful and board-like. I

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t. iii, p. 17, 1896; ^"Brit. Med. Journ.," 1896; s" Dermat. Zeit.,"

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His reasoning goes to prove that the disease is infec-

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Excellent Teaching- Facilities ; Modern Colleg-e Buildings : Ideal Lecture Hall and

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provision being in direct opposition to a provision of the

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does not depend on the evidence of memory, occasionally fallacious.

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cal organization. On motion the report was adopted.

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appearance of the venous hum is evidence that the anaemic condition is

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ical \^ork the results of the laboratory. Healthy, gen-

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voputation whidi these watering-places enjoy, especially in the trea^

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each with the fruit, put them into the oven to get hot, and serve.

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8. Blood pressure is the force exercised by the blood

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diagnosis being made, but as in other affections one not infrequently

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(2.) The presence of paraffine in the oil, which so clogs the wick

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suggestion on rny part, from what has already been said. The in-

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XJrotropin has already gained for itself a high rank as a urinary

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is finely granular. Its consistence is somewhat increased. On section, it is

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but only as part ; the remainder being tlie rate of retire-

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therefore, drug mteracbons mediated by inhibibon of hepabc metabolism are not

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cal affairs I have attempted to attend all the com-

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1912. Kelly, Thomas C, A.M., M.D., Assistant Instructor of

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going on within our view, are apt to be overlooked and ne-

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times be known by the suddeness of the onset of the difficulty, especially

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advocated by Apostoli of Paris. After much investigation and

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R., however, frankly stated that she had at times taken whisk}- to

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