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pianly waive aside as ''chaff" a multitude of such claims, and so

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being equal, the doses required will depend on the degree of pain. But

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Post-mortem examination exhibited great injection of pia mater,

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Dr. Cameron, of Toronto, said he followed Treves in

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— of the conjunctiva, for instance, or of the genital mucous membrane.

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sadden change of insidious trichinosis into dangerous forms, unless it

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direction of the crural canal, a small piece of intestine was

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ness of the extremities, lids half closed, eyes turned upwards and

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oz. of bark to a pint of water ; given with aromatics and

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ataxy in his gait, l)Ut who, as soon as his mind was moi-e clear, was quite

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place in the treatment of this affection. It will never

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S?irS.i:!ir 56 & 58 Warren Street, New York. ^f^i^£^^

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sesses of regulating its temperature by the perspiration; or,

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Lymphoid tissue behind posterior pillars entirely gone. Bacteriological examina-

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treatment of the pedicle, immediately after the removal

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become remarkably simple and free from danger, even though the

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watery fluid. This condition, called "hydrothorax," is serious.

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For the last four or five centuries, medical observers have noted the

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angular process of the frontal bone, parallel with the alveolo-

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sion obstruction. The current of air in expiration separates and pushes the

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Premising a brisk purgative, which is sometimes alone sufficient, an antliel-

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patient comes for diagnosis and treatment, we sliould make a

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tion has been called, came under observation last winter:

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Tlie man who should Qp|K)se these, whether on geology, history, school-

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Lydia Boothby, set. forty-six, married, and mother of eleven children, has had

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the vagina. I do not believe we can do much with the douche itself,

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Ointments, especially those of tar and sulphur, are very effectual

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precede the hiemorrhages as are met with in erythema multiforme of the

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dilator opened the cervix by gradually dilating it for a

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ter of an hour on her stomach, urine straw coloured ; depositing

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to the admii'able mode in which I had been assisted. The patient had