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gm. respectively for the urinary chlorid concentration. On the first day

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W(dfe, M. D., F.R. 0. S.E., Senior Ophthalmic Surgeon to the

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more, but the symptoms did not appear to require it. The most direct and

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and great achievements in the few brief years of its existence.

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square inches. Davies claims that this local treatment should supersede

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Where the sensitiveness to light is intense, with pain and great

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■ . y ^oiwvi o vft which these substances undergo may occasionally

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one miscarriage, latter two and a half years ago, operated upon at Post

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the strange disguise of their true origin in the heart under

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or an inch and a half To cover larger abrasion^, the

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that a return to the former treatment might be neces-

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tions were also made in the eai's of rabbits, and at the end of twenty- four

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1985 the population of the Rapid City Indian community was

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tics of the Year Ending October 1, 1898. By E. H. Squibb,

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A proposition like that, the justice, the equity, the extreme necessity of

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Now, if they are really tonic (of which I believe there is no doubt),

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of the epithelium, with thickening of the colloid. The thymus is often

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purgatives, excess of vascular action, and fever and pain and

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" Account of William Dempster, who swallowed a table-knife:

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Member of the College of Physicians of Edinburgh. I knew

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tions by which his discomfort might be diminished and his health safe guarded.

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operated. The uterus was rotated to the left in such a maiiner

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mind in every case of hepatic disease where the cause is

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should be about half an incK in diameter, with a thin

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blood, wliich enters into decomposition, and when the whole of this

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A case of hom.onynious hemiopie hallucinations with

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prevent a good deal of the tonsillitis now so rampant.

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call this very stupid action, it seems that all Dr.

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cially from the constitution of the air that surrounds us."(b)