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tastes, one being fond of sweets while the other cares
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cautery or the tonsillotome, as Weir has suggested.
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this be true or not, he would lay stress upon the probable importance
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formations. Consider possibility of pregnancy when instituting therapy.
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two or three nights, or until the corn turns black, showing that
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An increase in the acidity of the urine upon standing has repeat-
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the skin; and, on the other hand, it is not easy to see how the
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elevated for a variable but usually short period. If the disease was mild
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tissues of fractionated radiation treatment," The use of computers in radiation
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4 P.M. Temp. 103°; pulse 120. One very slight dark liquid stool.
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a year before, in a warmer climate, the weather very moderate.
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Pure growths of an organism, similar to the one inoculated,
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in the urine, or obtained by exploratory puncture, may yield conclusive
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surface. The severity of the symptoms bore no relation to the d^ree of local iiyuiy.
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processes of reduction in which nitrites and ammonia are produced.
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don, M.R.C.S. Eng. ; Physician to St. George's Hos-
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R. Kean, serving at this time in the American Red Cross.
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and vena cava are tied in the upper part of the abdomen, so
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from the lung. Cancer of the chest may produce it in an analogous
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pressure, as you have seen all these cases at Twenty-fourth General Hospital.
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omnibus he "would begin to think that he had left something behind him.
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rather more than a fortnight after admission, the eruption had reached its height,
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formed, with 60 deaths and 47 recoveries. In 114 cases fragments
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mourn om' own losses, do as badly as any by-gone century,
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nally read, making only one additional remark ; namely, that repeat-
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(variola, scarlatina, typhoid fever, diphtheria, dysentery, and pneumonia)
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successful in 95 per cent, of the insertions; the dry
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but still not to substitute it for vegetable diet. If due atten-
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culum, which by this time has grown into a thick cord. It terminates
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iction. If the muscles of the chest have become notably affected,
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medies ordinarily administered in Homoeopathic practice,
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the laboratories of the Department of Medicine and those portions of the Albert Merritt
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at. For certain physiological generalizations regarding it, I must refer to
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ligate the cord by occlusion of the severed extremities
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