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10. (a) Shows examiner's right hand and left hand. (2)
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{From Sail's Journal of Health, 42 Irving Place, New- York.)
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Serious adverse reactions have been rare in studies carried out to
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matory symptoms, and in three further operation be-
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of his near relatives died of consumption or any hereditary disease? 10.
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elimination by the kidneys to be greatly deficient. By timely meeting
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what method shall we cure her?" Almost every case of
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(The absolute threshold would be represented by a similar procedure
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anisms, are "blocked" or "physiologically amputated."
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apoplexy on July 17 at Noroton, near Stamford, Conn.
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sixth intercostal space. From this point it took a back-
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extremely sensitive, and the nervous manifestations seem past all
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Hospital was estimated to be £17,000 ($30,000), i.e. five or six times
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local irritation that precedes inflammation may doubt-
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Generally a later manifestation of syphilis, and the
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tact with my fellow-men in private life will, I am sure,
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quadrant or is diffuse. Usually the pain is cramp-like and
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upon that part, from some little elevation, will be found efficient as a
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carry bile, and which by combining make finally the biliary or
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Allied Sciences, with their proper pronunciation, deriva-
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of such, and still do so ; not, however, to the exclusion of any
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climbed to its upper branches, and as I descended thrashed
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The first case occui-red iu a stout male, thirty-three years of age. He had
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venience we keep the fluid made up in tlie common half-gallon