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development was sufficient to make an actual increase in the total
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kidneys are to be excluded. Restricting the patient to milk or some other
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praevia are not cases for cesarean section ; they are cases for immediate
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It is hard to teU what would have been the end of the
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spinal oord are thus supplied in Traumatic Tetanus, with an increased and s^normal
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28. Barbassic, M, et al. (1990). Human immunodeficiency
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an inflammatory swelling of, and infiltration of small cells
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Philipson, Dr. G. H., renal cyst containing calculi, 309 ;
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"To present in practical and systematic form the most
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lasted thirty-four days, they encountered much wet and hois-
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persemia, papillary oedema, optic neuritis, and retinal hemorrhage or
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an arrest, for a time at least, of the lung affection,
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sclerosis in connection with disease of the brain ; and chronic myelitis.
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normal functioning ovaries, and many of these women
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calomel, and the lancet, as the terrible fate of humanity. An old
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beautifully seen in transverse sections of the ganglia.
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vital element of the ventilation problem becomes that of regulating the
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ate of the University of Pennsylvania in 1875, and had served
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and North America, and the progressive improvements which
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A New College of Pharmacy.— The Kings County Phar-
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edge of the sword. If strong, the prism should be divided between the two
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sartorius, tensor vaginae femoris, and outer head of the vastus, the ball, a
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very scenes of his professional activity, that, like Jacob
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fibrillation and rarefaction of the connective-tissue matrix" (Baumgarten).
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amination was made, and it was learned that the poor
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saline water. Springs of this kind are seldom thermal. The most
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seems more (lean-cut in its results than the protection by B. welchii
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achievements of modern therapy. It was first applied to zoo-
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de la Soc. de Chir. de Par., 1912, xxxviii, p. 505.
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aiding liim to decide by exclusion either that the ha3maturia is renal, or that
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hyperaemia produced by the dilatation of the vessels and congestion result-
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now rarely met with. In most of the eases with which I am
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tion. It expels the placenta, it sends forth a final gush
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more example. He says, " Truth compels me to add I saw
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sistent with existing knowledge, considered with direct reference to the prac-
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caused by mechanical occupations, it indicates the existence of some
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the plague appeared in Oporto in the summer of 1899,
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and unanimous to the contrary, and consequently while direct