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dication is to calm it by hydrotherapy with heat (see article Lichen

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Insomnia, nervousness, paresthesia, somnolence, vertigo; Skin: Pruritus, rash; Other: Dyspnea, gout, back

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* As a matter of curiosity, we may mention that even up to the beginning of

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If the dose is below nine milligrams, the 1% solution should be

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mesenteric vessels. In the liver they were very plentiful,

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Leipz., 1884, n. F., xxi, 36.5-372, 1 diag. Also, transl. : Phy-

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To avoid bacterial action some thymol crystals were added to the serum.

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Goutr Vr.ion.—The Eastern District will be vacant at Lady-day ; area

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anterior surface of the epiglottis was very insensitive when com-

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pronounced ; his eyes are congested and protruding, his surface pale and

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is distended. Thirst is diagnostic, if habitual, that is, present, not only

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tinue their existence in the gut of the adult fly, but that their number

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with family or friends." "But if suflPering humanity calls, the call is

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till the OS uteri is nearly the size of a crown-piece. He should have

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are uniformly insoluble in alkalies and soluble in very weak acids, we

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a longer or shorter time, mark the condition or make

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marked result from croton oil when a prompt and efficient effect is im{)ortant.

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end-to-side anastomosis. A fecal fistula persisted and remained

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the conditions by which its visits may be encouraged,

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morrhage will, in some instances, take place from a wound of this small vessel.

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ation in the adventitia, with traces of colloid, masses

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mouth and pharynx is attacked ; at other times, that of the

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the mucous membrane of the cheek, whence they may easily be

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object, opaque to Rontgen rays (a small coin answers well), is placed on

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by the State of every other medical school in Ireland except our

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There was no orifice of a vagina, nor, after a most careful examination

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severe accidents and severe surgical operations, the powers ol

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the dependent parts of the ears become deep red, puffy masses,

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close resemblance, however, between osteomyelitis and pyctmia

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position, with raised pelvis. An incision was made about twelve

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restoration to approximately their normal length after fracture of one

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calomel was suggested, which was sent for and taken.

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of Francois Gois, a man 21 years of ^ age, whose thigh

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function is deranged, and death from suffocation will ensue. This

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