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reported by Wetzel and Suckling respectively. There was weakness of

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D. W. YANDELL, M. D., and H. A. COTTELL, M. D., Editors.

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Medicine. The details shall be arranged by the Warden and

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ments of the larynx and soft palate. When the crack-

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She remained sensible to the last. A post-mortem examination could not be

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In the treatment of eczema due to external causes it must once

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nomena are absent, and their development is evidently dependent on the

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tory nerves, and the sympathetic disturbance thereby excited; for many

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most frequently in children of a lax fibre, and whose constitutions

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blind. The convulsions may follow each other at considerable intervals,

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the report, appealed for an increase in workmen's contributions.

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period — up to twenty-one months. Yet, notwithstanding this anti-

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abortion takes place in a considerable proportion of cases, usually

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many of the other Distomid®, has not yet been worked out^ but

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Hammarsten observed that milk curdles when it is heated to 130°

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graduate Medical Education. He served as chairman of that committee

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II.— Parenchymatous Metritis — ^Acute and Chronic Infarction of the Uterus, 124

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was made of either lungs or throat, and the voice was never

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of the pustule, by the appearance in crops of the skin lesions, and by the

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number of such tubes have been prepared and distributed

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" Perhaps it may be thought we overpaint the picture,

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tlon before us ; but this Is Ignored. This Conference should go

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this work conjointly. Any common handicraft is easy to the trained

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this is well tolerated to add veal, pork and as suggested by Baldauf. — ^Journal of Ex-

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bile will lead to auto-intoxication and extension of

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In our experiments a reduction of the fluid reserves prior to the bleedings was

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remarkable case of endarteritis obliterans. During life it was

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evident, and it is a general opinion that even when taken

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annual death-rate for any one week. This constant was

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