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Stitch abscess occurred nine times. He believed the tmie

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be true that Professor Schafer's "colloidal slime" may

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with drawings by Howard Pyle, E. C. Peixotto, F. C. Yohn, and with portraits.

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experimental work of this kind. Laederich^ finds that not only in

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to hygiene, diet, and the ])atient's habits, without

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gas, always present in the stomach, without undergoing any

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The two appearances are fundamentally identical. In the first

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enemies was soon brought to a crisis by a series of unfortu-

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the sailors, who was not afl'ected by the disease, nor, in-

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existed as an entit)- in disease, bat that it was a secondar)'

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Tumor of the Cerebellum was the subject of a paper by

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neither, but was a spirit vinegar colored by caramel.

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nally this affinity of the plasmodium to imbibe it can

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practically all cases which end fatally after operation

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ticipate the happiest effects. Although acting in a

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the International Medical Magazine contains an interesting clinical lecture,

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of the doctrine of chances was made. This, Dr. Stokes said,

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ate peril ; it was arrested by bandaging, and the patient was brought to the hospital.

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be obtained by distillation, contrary to Bernard's assertions,

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in this situation, the pulsation becomes more distinct

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all ; for, in some small femoral hernias, especially in very

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other cases, rupture appears to occur in the womb unaltered by morbid