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causes, e. g., foreign bodies; the strain of vomiting; injury from the
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in action by causative agent should always be used with caution.
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Two explanations may be offered of this fact. Either
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opposite the first bicuspid, and disarticulated at the left condyle.
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at the University of Southern California, conducted this
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involve the back, hips, thigh, rectum, perineum, groins, and scrotum. They
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of the Old Continent, aflford ample proof of its appreciation in
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whidi we have described as belonging to croup, a similarity which, after
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undiscovered, untreated, and unchecked — in the infants,
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the International Medical Magazine contains an interesting clinical lecture,
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or later, if it be protruded, especially if the patient
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(Mount Pleasant, Liverpool), and Mr Headland (Prince's Street, Hano-
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must have been the contemplation of some such awful
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lymphatics through which the cocci have proceeded, the
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were present epidermic cells, and a little oil, and besides many
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missing impulses. Nevertheless each impulse is as sharp as with the other
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occurs, however, in the phosphorized proteids, like the casein of milk
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or hardening and thickening ; abundance of thickened mucus ;
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tigator, Inspector State Board of Charities, Charity
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232. Cauliflower Sauce— Ingredients— Two small cauliflowers,
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pear as solitary granulomas or verrucous papules 1-2.5
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putrefaction ; the agency of the gastric juice was by them com-
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value. The author's style is directness, and he is not verbose ; hav-
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doubt of his sanity, no evidence on the subject need be offered ; but whenever the
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The precise method of employing the drug necessitates
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must be pure oil entirely freed from all by-products —
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Treatment is to be applied by alkalies and local sedatives, and removal
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an incubatory period of from 2 to 5 days, symptoms of general dis-
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cm. in diameter. The smaller ones have the slightly thickened follicular
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line cases to surgical eradication. The possibilities of totally eradicat-
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and candies should be eaten sparingly, as disorder of the stomach and
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have that return given, and it is, perhaps, just as well that
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constant and prolonged drafts on the liberation of nerve energy of these centres