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system and independent of anatomical distribution, in conjunction with

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hastily — neither sufiiciently furnished with facts to oppose Los-

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perhaps been rather parsimoniously measured out, public

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afEord not to assist by every means in our power, the establishment of

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tions beyond ordinary room temperature and clean apparatus are neces-

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opinion of impregnation. I saw Mrs. T. several times during

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but to that of the saccharoses. This sugar is produced, as was shown by Musculus

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held by wrapping in several thicknesses of chamois skin to protect the

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A poor man will starve himself for years to buy one.

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but Prof. Zeissl never goes beyond fifteen centigrammes in the 200 grammes of

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at least helpful in many cases, the tests, of course, being made with the

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holm intimates ; or whether it had been known there

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phosphoric acid) to supply the wants of the animal body, and this is

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dictionary of the arts, sciences, history, politics, biogra-

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form, similar to 18, which by repeated binary fission produces the

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others which are to be found in medical records, shows that the

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Owes, J. L., H.D., at 6, Fitzroy-square (late of Brooklyn, New York, and

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Mr. G. Duft", and Mr. Goldsinid ; and was supported by Mr.

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enlarged glands indicate a process of infection, we should

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ring, soft, indolent, tense, fluctuating and irreducible.

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showed the atypical organism first and later the typical. In eight cases the

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ing depressed the vasomotor center. Here the use of a vasodila-

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dren showed more growth. Functionally, for grasp, 12

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to excessive drinking, shows that causative influences proceed from intemper-

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annual death-rate for any one week. This constant was

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Symptoms and progress. — This affection is sudden in its onset, and in

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to be without imitators in many parts of the country.

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formed in 1852, consequently the first case at the Antipodes.) —

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sponding elongation of the papillae, and vascular dilatation. The tissues

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legs, and increase of the tendon reflexes. The prominence

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from the "gallows" and suspends its patient's head free from

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many varidfiis shades, and forms of ^disease, as to have obscured,

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were left. The patient recovered in 4 weeks. In the second

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doubt result if the learned Professor fulfils his promise.