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splint — Hodgen's — ready for use in less than an hour.

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to effect replacement. Active antiphlogistic treatment is very

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a pronounced factor in causing malaria, it is not the dis-

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Symptoms and progress. — This affection is sudden in its onset, and in

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exposure to cold, some long walk, or other over-exertion, he has

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blood discharged from a female in a case of abortion or infanticide (' Ann.

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in their children, they may reap and share with them the high reward

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to be present in normal condition and abundance. Sacculations

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He states that he had always enjoyed good health, with the exception of occasional

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be graded inversely to those of children. This seems

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perforation, and metastatic deposits in the glands of the abdomen, in the

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cheek and immediately the boy began to struggle and turned

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brane and skin, in spite of bleeding, whether local or general ;

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what should be considered a normal pupil or one indicative of

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Bleeding from the face may be arrested by pressure on the facial

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to show that the pain is chiefly induced by tension of the stomach. If

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The changes in the muscular system, though frequent, but not constant,

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lates the following conclusions based upon his experience

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as a deformity, in which a satisfactory functional result was considered

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either rings and serpentine figures (E. annulatum and E. gyratum) or,

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The Infantile Diarrhoea of Summer, 1878. The Pathological Differ-

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of expectoration ; but this was done without any cough, in the

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up active medieul duties altogether. Four years of outdoor

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and are readily destroyed by chemical disinfectants. Motility is

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Member of the College of Physicians of Edinburgh. I knew

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England. For hypochondria, low spirits, or "spleen,"