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her strength and flesh; her appetite was excellent, when, without
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age, with a laryngeal sarcoma, partly round-celled,
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Cerebro-Spinal Fevers. — Coma, delirium, convulsions, and paralyses
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years in that country, he returned to Bagdad, taking with
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^ran^es. In all seriousness, I believe that any one who g^ves
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battle of Solferino it was found that some of the Austrian
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1915. Physician's certificate described him as both
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Both lungs very sanguineous, but especiaUy the right, which
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of the Society, I have gone through the minutes of the meetings
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in from 20 to 30 days, five losing in weight, three remaining constant,
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est oppressus"). He seems about to die and his heirs
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last stage, we have known peculiar benefit, derived from its
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cyclic or rhythmic character, were quite distinct from
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We have more definite diagnostic measures for it than
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presses the tongue with a spatula held in the left hand.
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the symptoms called prodromal, and then paralysis of one side occurs.
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sodium diets are handled poorly because colonic conserva-
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had children at the full time, though the occurrence of an early
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herself, she was found to secrete eight ounces of this true colostrum in
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in the head is often acute, causing the patient to cry out or scream
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I could discover no other cause for the remarkable purity of
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causes ; it is occasionally attended or followed by some degree of anffis-
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sions followed, and both mother and child did well.
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pressed to recognise, and put into operation, this successful plan
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or a true hour-glass stomach. The a:-rays in simple perigastritis show
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with at least certain other animals, is subject to a number of
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Those on the eye especially are condensed with superior skill and
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